Fire Alarm Camera, Smoke Detector Camera, Smoke Alarm Camera

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Introducing Smoke Detector Camera – Hidden Camera is an ideal companion for observing your home, babies, pets, and babysitters when you are outdoors. It enables you to watch what happens without being noticed, allowing you to take a peek at the situation in your home at any time. The camera can be hidden in the smoke detector and can also be placed as a hidden camera in various places around your home. It features 1080P HD video quality, a 120-degree wide-angle view, and support of up to 32GB memory card.

  • Missing belongings at your office or at home? Find out immediately who took or misplaced them and record it as proof!
  • Watch your pets! We all know pets are goofy animals and nothing can be funnier than recording and monitoring them while you are away.
  • Watch over your kids! Leaving your kids with a nanny or a babysitter can be nerve-racking. That’s why now you can always monitor what’s happening with them.
  • Monitor your elderly at home! Leaving parents alone with caregivers sometimes can be stressful. Now you can monitor your loved ones 24/7 to make sure they are doing well.

Fire Alarm Camera, Smoke Detector Camera, Smoke Alarm Camera

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