Magnetic Therapy Foot Massage Insole

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This Magnetic Therapy Foot Massage Insole was designed for people who suffer from lower back pain as a result of being on their feet all day. It was created with massage nodes developed after reflexology and acupuncture practices.

Magnetic Therapy Foot Massage Insole

Every time you step, the shoe insert presses against specific parts of the foot to relieve pain, prevent cramps, and ease tension all over the body. It will relax your muscles and is very effective in the treatment of chronic lumbar sprains.

  • You can wear it every day, during a normal stroll, heavy exercise, trekking, and during a variety of physical activities
  • Acupressure points and magnets improve blood circulation. Massage can strengthen health and resist sickness
  • Massages your feet while you walk and help you eliminate body pain, enhance your endurance, and increase your balance and flexibility.
  • Sweat-proof, refreshing, venting, shockproof
  • Can improve blood circulation, eliminate foot odor, foot heat, and reduce nerve pain and pressure. Reduce the pain of low back pain, rheumatism, and strengthen the meridians and meridians

Note: Will fit any shoe. You can cut these insoles to fit your exact shoe size and shoe style

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