Arm Slimmers

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Specially designed to help tone, shape, and define your arms, our women’s Arm Slimmers will help you to achieve your goal for perfect arms, faster and easier then ever.

Fashioned from anti-cellulite, compression-style, neoprene fabric, our Arm Slimmers help you to shed excess water weight, effectively ridding you of that stubborn, hard to lose arm fat! These arm slimming sleeves cause your arms to sweat, allowing you to trim and tone in no time! Wear them over your clothing or under, the choice is completely up to you. You’ll be sweating that fat away in comfort!


  • Sweat More- Preserve your arm heat, to stimulate more sweat while exercising, just by wearing the Arm Slimmer. Specially made for workouts and exercising, these neoprene arm slimmers will have you sweating up to 3 times more, while helping to flatten, shape and melt away the fat as you lose inches in your upper arms!
  • Slim and Tone- The unique fibers and neoprene material provide ample compression to the upper arm area resulting in more sweat, so that you can lose more arm fat, without having to work out harder. 
  • Comfortable to Wear- Whether you’re working out with weights, or performing your cardio routines, the anti-slip, grid-like surface that runs along the interior lining, will keep them in place, even when you’re jogging, running, or cycling. 
  • Ideal for Any Exercise- Wear them around the house while performing your daily tasks or put them on while exercising or participating in sporting activities. They’re easy to wear and perfect for working out in the gym, around the house or outdoors. 
  • Suitable for Any Occasion- If you want your arms to look thinner and lose excess arm weight, use these arm slimmers around the house, outdoors, when you’re at the gym, running, walking, or even while doing yoga. Sweat your way to slimmer, more beautiful arms. 
  • Easy Clean Up- Hand Wash/Dry Flat recommended, no bleach, no iron, don’t twist or wring to dry. Don’t dry in the hot sun. 

Size Chart:

     Size  (Upper Arm Perimeter)   Cm   Inches
     M  25-28cm


     L  30-24cm  11.81-13.39
     XL  33-37cm


     XXL  36-40cm


     XXXL  40-44cm


     4XL 43-46cm


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