Automatic Whitening Toothbrush

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Brushing your teeth will never be more exciting if you have the 360 Automatic Whitening Toothbrush. Super effortless brushing! Simply wear, wait, and it is done! Now you will never have to feel lazy to go brush your teeth 3 times a day. Perfect for all on-the-go people.

Clean your teeth and leave it with fresh breath in just 45 seconds of use! This will be the greatest toothbrush you can ever experience and is perfect even for with sensitive gums. Those silicone bristles are so soft but clean very effectively. This has a U-shaped brush head and you only need to wear it in line with the shape of your biting. This produces high-frequency vibrations which clean the teeth surfaces very efficiently 360-degrees! Be confident as it kills 99.9% of bacteria and will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Made with a food-grade silicone brush which will not cause any allergies and irritations.

It takes 3 hours to be fully charged by wireless induction charging but will take you 15 days of regular use! With nano blue light whitening which makes the teeth brighter, clean, and have instant gum massage.

You can choose among 4 modes: soft cleaning, strong cleaning, massage gum, and whitening mode. It has a portable design which you can bring anywhere you go. You can use it in your home, in your work, or even carry it in your next trip.

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