Baby Shatter-Resistant Headrest

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Babies and toddlers seem to fall on their head more than you might thinkWhether they’re just trying to sit up and fall backward, or they’re just starting to learn to walk, once colliding with the ground, it resembles a punch to the backs of their fragile heads.

This unique headrest protects your babies heads if they fall backward. It slips around your child’s shoulders like they’re wearing a backpack, then acts as the circular head protector that soften the blow to their noggin when they fall backward. 

Not only does it protect their head from falling backward, but it also helps prevent flat head syndrome when lying down. The hole in the center gives room for their skull to keep its proper shape when they lie on the floor for extended periods of time. Designed with adjustable shoulder straps that will fit babies 4-24 months old.


  • Soft Cotton material: Made of cotton, baby skin-close fabrics, soft and breathable.
  • Protection Function: Alleviates impact, protects the baby’s head and backside, effectively avoids head injury when the baby trains walking.
  • Lightweight and Cute: Only weighs 130g, it is very light and not much pressure for baby’s shoulder. Back protector pad has a unique design, cute appearance, which make your baby a bright spot wherever.
  • Adjustable: the shoulder straps can be of adjustable flexibility; conforms to baby’s size and design with a comfortable feeling.
  • Get prepared when your baby is learning sitting, crawling, walking and running!


  1. Unlock the shoulder strap buckle.
  2. Put the transverse belt cross the 2 pcs shoulder straps.
  3. Lock the shoulder strap buckle.
  4. Adjust the transverse belt.


  • Height: 30-32cm / 11.81-12.6in
  • Width: 20cm / 7.87in
  • Thickness: 5cm / 1.97 in
  • Fabric: Cotton & Polyester

Package Includes

  • 1pc * Baby Shatter-Resistant Headrest
  • 2pc * Adjustable Shoulder Straps

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