Beauty Blender – Achieve the perfect, “no makeup” look!

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Achieve the perfect, “no makeup” look with every use!

Beauty blenders are a staple in every makeup lover’s kit! This sponge is designed to apply all kinds of cream-based product such as primer, creams, and foundation. Its teardrop shape allows you to get into the creases and corners, providing full coverage. With the Beauty Blender, you’re sure to get that natural, glowing look without using too much product!

PROTIP: Allow the Beauty Blender to soak up as much water as it can before dabbing on the product so that it sits on the surface of the sponge instead of being soaked up. That way, you’ll be using less product!


  • The Beauty Blender is Environmentally friendly
  • Anti-microbial
  • Its open-cell structure soaks up water, allowing you to use less product
  • Shrinks back to its original size when dry

Get the Beauty Blender now and achieve full coverage makeup with less product!  

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