Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad

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Make bath time enjoyable for you and your dog!

Bathing your dogs can be both tedious for you and your pup, as they can run around the tub, wriggle their way out and really create a mess. But you can easily keep them distracted with the Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad.

This Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad will surely be an enjoyable bath time distraction for your furry friend.

Simply apply peanut butter or cream cheese on the Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad, then stick it on any flat surface and let your pet dog lick their treat, a nice and fun distraction while they bathe, no more running around and creating a mess while bathing.


  • The Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone material
  • Easily sticks to any type of flat surface
  • With side wings for easy mounting and side tabs for easy, one-lift removal
  • can also be used as a pet slow feeder bowl for developing a healthy eating behavior
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe

The Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad is made of silicone so you can also freeze their doggie treat for a cool pet snack while bathing or a perfect cool treat during the summer season.  

Make bath time a great bonding time for you and your well-loved pet with the Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Lick Pad. Hurry and get one for your pet now!

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