Garlic Press Cube

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  • Make wasting garlic a thing of the past, If You Hate Wasting Fresh Garlic Because Several Pieces Get Stuck In Your Old Garlic Crusher…Our Garlic Press Is PERFECT For You. The Built-In Tray Captures Everything. You Use Less Cloves Which Saves You Money!

  • Open bin for mincing or flip the cube for slicing, This has been designed to allow the blades to do all of the work. To use it you just place the Garlic on top and close the lid. Force is certainly not required.
  • Save time: The Mini Cube Garlic Chopper Can Save You Up To 30 Seconds Per Clove. This Time Soon Adds Up Into Several Minutes. This Garlic Crusher is Dishwasher safe. However, we would recommend that you just use soapy water. It is that simple. Just run it under the tap and your job is done.
  • Compact size for convenient storage, One of the many positives about this utensil is it is small and you can place it just about anywhere. It is a Lime Green color so is very easy on the eye.


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