Magic Butterfly Jar

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Magic Butterfly Jar

Ever dreamed of keeping a butterfly in a jar forever? Now you can without harming a real one! The Magic Butterfly Jar is like nothing you have ever seen. Unpackage the glass jar and activate the switch located inside the lid. Now all you need to do is just tap the lid and watch the “butterfly” fly around in a surprisingly lifelike way.

Everytime you tap the glass bottle you can watch your butterfly fly, flap and flutter. Gently tap the jar once for instant action! One tap willl wake your butterfly up , two taps will make it flutter and three taps will make it flap around the glass bottle. The butterfly is also activated by ambient noise and music.

There is no need to turn the jar off; batteries last in standby mode for months ready for a tap to awaken.

Takes 3 x AAA batteries.

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