Tire Instant Repairing Glue

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No worries about fixing a punctured tire anymore.
Fix your tire in 15 seconds with this Tire Instant Repairing Glue. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable. You are completely safe
This Tire Repairing Glue doesn’t leave residue behind, which is not the case with many types of glue
  • Using the technology of fiber nanometer plugging, a porous, can be repeated more than 300 tire leakage.
  • Big grain, fill a big hole, fill the hole to reach 10mm explosion-proof tires to ensure travel of vehicles.
  • Fast repair the broken tire, easy to fix the problem, safe, effective, fast and convenient.
  • It can reduce the temperature for 3-5 degree, and dissipate heat, extend the tire’s service life.
  • Suitable for that bike whose airtightness is bad, natural deflated fast, need often cheer.
  • With this tool, you can easily repair your bike tire at home, fast and convenient.
  • Small and compact size, portable, easy to carry for outside cycling or riding adventure
How to use?

  • Material: Glue
  • Color: Black
  • Net: 20ml
  • Shelf Life: 8 months (Store in the fridge)
Package Includes:

1pc * Tire Instant Repairing Glue

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